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About Jiva Spa

Jiva or ‘the destination within’ is a philosophy which stems from ancient India’s approach to wellness and inner force. Jiva unearths the treasures of India’s traditional healing wisdom and blends it with contemporary aesthetics to bring you a holistic journey of rediscovering yourself and nurturing your body, mind and spirituality. By understanding the individual needs and interdependency of our mind, body and spirit, Jiva Spa has curated a range of treatments and therapies to create an experience unlike any other, one that encourages us to make time for our own well being and revitalization.

At Jiva Spa, guests are treated with traditional rituals of welcome, greeting and farewell; nuances for which India is celebrated across countries and by visitors from near and far. These rituals are reflective of ancient India’s culture which has been preserved for generations.

We welcome our guests with an effervescent ‘Namaste’ with our heads bowed and hands folded. This gesture translates into ‘I bow to you’ in Sanskrit and carries a spiritual significance of reducing one’s ego in the presence of another. The bowing down of the head is also a gracious form of extending friendship and also suggestive of ‘may our minds meet’.

The foot bath is a sign of respect traditionally performed before welcoming guests over the threshold. Here at Jiva Spa, we wash our guests’ feet in a bath made of essentials oils, ginger and fennel.

Offering a garland is another ritual that is performed to show our appreciation to our guests for visiting us. As they walk out the door, we bid farewell with a garland of fragrant flowers to wish them well.

Escape to a world away from your world and lay on a cushion of wellness with us. Discover the magic of Jiva – Taj’s award winning Indian and all-natural Spas. Our range of unique spa treatments beautifully blends the age old Indian healing techniques with the finest natural ingredients to bring you a haven of well being.