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Spa Products

Jiva Spa brings you the time honored healing secrets and wellness therapies from India’s ancient and rich heritage through its treatments. Choose from a spectacular variety of signature body therapies, royal rituals of wellness and beauty, ancient Ayurvedic practices, yoga and meditation. At Jiva Spa, we take every measure to help you rediscover yourself. You can now get your hands on the range of products which aid your treatment and are a crucial part of your journey at Jiva Spa.


Our in-house incense sticks are made with pure ingredients like quality powders, especially Jiggat, to ensure that the fragrance is as soothing as the tranquil ambience you find yourself in. Bamboo sticks with incense paste are dipped into exclusive fragrances and blended with essential oils to ensure the goodness of each ingredient.

Exfoliate your mind & body with Masala Spa Therapy
Asya Bespoke Blends

The blends from Jiva Spa are made from Indian herbs, pure essential oils and ancient botanical ingredients to ensure their therapeutic benefits. Completely natural and hand blended, these blends do not contain petrochemicals and parabens. Relaxing and rejuvenating, our range of blends will leave you feeling refreshed

Jiva Book List

Knowledge, secrets and traditions have been passed down for generations through books and have now made their way into Jiva. The Jiva Book List offers an incredible collection on yoga, spirituality, medicine and relaxation amongst others. Discover gems of knowledge tucked away in these books. Every page will open your mind and lead you to a discovery of your inner self.

Yoga DIY Kit

The kit comprises of a set of Yoga cards, each dedicated to one yogic practice. Every card provides information about a specific yoga posture with clear step by step instructions. The accompanying illustration on each card helps one understand the posture better as well as comprehend the advantages of each posture. Learn about various asanas and how they benefit your body and mind in the comfort of your own home.

Jiva Yoga DVDs

Through this set of three Yoga DDVDs, learn beginner level yogic practices which will realign muscles and make the body more agile. Each DVD is a 30 minute long session comprising of various asanas, postures and movements as well as Pranayamas which aid your breathing and Yoga Nidra which helps in achieving a deep sense of relaxation.


Pottery from Jiva is entirely eco-friendly and free of toxins. Every item is hand-made on a potter’s wheel with indigenous clay from different parts of India. The purity of every piece is reflective of Jiva’s wellness philosophies.

Spa Linen

Jiva towels are made from pure organic cotton and are extremely soft and soothing. Sun bleached and herbal-dyed, they make cleansing yourself a joyful experience.

Spa Lounge Wear

Jiva’s spa lounge wear are made from natural and organic bamboo cotton dyed through immersing the material in herbs. The vast medicinal values of these herbs make the lounge wear beneficial for you while being eco-friendly as well. Relish the experience of Jiva spa with our range of lounge wear as you wrap yourself in the goodness of our practices.

Spa Robe

Jiva robes are made from natural fibres, organic cotton, silk and wool. They are processed in herbal dye and are sun-bleached to ensure optimum comfort. We bring together the finest fabrics for you to wrap yourself in pure goodness.

Value Stones

This set of nine value stones are carefully crafted from green aventurine which is recognized for its healing benefits. Polished to achieve a soft luster and immersed in water, these stones are believed to bring one luck while relieving anxiety. They also supposedly aid the development of skills such as leadership qualities and creativity. Each stone is inscribed with an inspiring word to bring about a sense of positivity in you.

Yoga Mats

Yoga is a time honored ancient Indian practice with numerous benefits like improving flexibility of muscles, relieving the mind and body of stress and encouraging mental well being. Jiva yoga mats are organic and designed to aid your mental and physical fitness program.

Spa Aroma Burner

The Jiva Spa Aroma Burner is molded on a Yogi’s ‘Kamandal’, traditionally an Indian mendicant’s water pot. The ancient process of making a Kamandal by plucking a ripe pumpkin, removing the inner parts and cleaning the shell for nectar is seen as a spiritual act of breaking away from the physical world, cleansing oneself of desires to experience pure inner bliss. Jiva’s aroma burner is a beautiful piece of art reflective of spirituality, ancient India and contemporary techniques.