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Ayurveda Journey

Jiva Spa brings you two diligently curated Ayurveda Journeys, De-tox which specializes in relaxing the mind and body and De-stress which tones the body while relaxing the mind.


About Ayurveda Journey

Ayurveda is a complex healing structure from the treasures of ancient India and is derived from the Sanskrit words, ayur (life) and veda (knowledge). It can be described as a science of life based on the laws of nature.

Jiva Spa brings you diligently curated Ayurveda Journeys to heal the body and rejuvenate the soul. These programs have been designed keeping in mind the modern global citizen’s needs and lifestyle. The experience helps in reviving your body, mind and soul using the holistic healing system of Ayurveda that has been in India for about 5000 years.