Ayurveda Therapies

Jiva’s celebrated treatments and therapies are primarily derived from Ayurveda, the ancient body of knowledge of holistic wellness. Through our signature experiences, we fulfill the 4 aspects that are key to the success of any Ayurveda treatment:

Ayurveda Room at Jiva Spa
Abhyanga Including snana
DURATION: 75mins

More than just a massage, Abhyanga is an experience where medicated herbal oils are generously applied in gentle strokes by the skilled therapists, giving you a healthy body and mind.

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Kati Basti
DURATION: 45mins

The therapeutic treatment formulated for the upper and lower back uses warm signature oil in black gram dough which is placed at the spot that’s causing pain or discomfort.

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DURATION: 60mins

The Ayurveda facial is created using natural herbs applied to the face followed by a massage with exotic saffron oil which enriches the skin and removes blemishes.

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DURATION: 30mins

Known to relieve stress and stiffness of joints or back, Pichu involves cotton and linen pads soaked in hot medicated oils placed on sore areas for immediate relief from pain.

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DURATION: 90 Minutes

The concluding act to a day of treatments, Snana is a traditional medicated bath prescribed by Ayurveda to help you continue to stay in a state of calm and gentle ease.

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DURATION: 75mins

Udvartana is a body toning treatment which involves applying a mixture of herbal powder and oil on the body. This also helps in revitalizing the skin.

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DURATION: 30mins

Spend a few minutes understanding what your body needs with the help of our experts.

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