Indian Aroma Therapy


About Indian Aroma therapy

A real treat for your senses, this aromatherapy treatment uses signature essential oils which are massaged onto your body by our skilled therapists. The oils are generously applied on and absorbed by the skin to ensure their relaxing and therapeutic properties are felt throughout the body. You can choose from our bespoke range of all-natural spa blends.

DURATION: 60 Minutes

This Indian therapy entails a full body massage to relax the muscles and rid your mind of any impending stress using a special blend of fragrant signature oil with the goodness of ingredients like Kewda.

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Spa Therapy at Jiva Spa
Orja Dayaka
DURATION: 60/90 Minutes

This signature therapy entails a deep muscular massage to refresh the muscles and re-energize the body using a special oil made from Nagarmotha,  Patchouli, Tulsi and Ashwagandha.

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DURATION: 60 Minutes

A detoxifying massage with a unique blend of oils with the attributes of Tulsi, Ginger and Lime, this therapy liberates the body of impurities.

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