Feel like royalty with Jiva Spa's signature spa Alepa that involves the anointing the body as a part of traditional Indian sacred bathing rituals.



Jiva's signature spa Alepa brings you a slice of the rich and celebrated lifestyle of Indian royalty. The word Alepa translates into anointing the body as a part of traditional Indian sacred bathing rituals. Historically, rubbing the body with essential oils and herbal pastes surpasses mere physical benefits and is accepted as an essential part of the much celebrated rites of passage.

Inspired by this age old ritual, we invite you to the Indian Royal Mud Bath Pavilion that unites you with the energy of the elements, your inner self and reconnects you with loved ones. Step into the Pavilion and stroll along the cool stone path bordered by serene fountains and charming garden views to start your royal journey. After a shower, soak in the vapours of 'hamman' which will moisten and soften the skin. This helps your skin detox of impurities and soothes the senses.

Choose from a variety of 4 mud blends that are fashioned using 40 Indian herbs like neem, brahmi, amla and even exotic ones such as sandalwood and Jatamansi. You can relish the sacred act of anointing your chosen paste on your body yourself or by a therapist while relaxing on cool stone seats. As you stretch out on sun beds overlooking the majestic sea he medicinal attributes of mud, herbs and essential oils will purge your skin of impurities, stimulate nerve endings, regenerate your blood circulation leaving you energized and feeling vivacious.

Once the mud has dried, a natural waterfall-like outdoor shower awaits you, where you can rinse the clay off your body. We offer a choice of eight indoor showers, multiple jets that simulate a body massage, a hose jet, normal shower, torrent shower, stormy rain shower, cold spray mist or a warm tropical rain shower to close your pores.

You can end your journey with a deep tissue massage followed by herbal refreshments and organic tea in the relaxation room as you soak in the experience.