Inspired from the rich heritage of the Nizams of Hyderabad, Nawab-e-Khas is a signature treatment combining the finest ingredients used by the nobility of an era gone by.


About Nawab-e-Khas

The much celebrated Nizams of Hyderabad have been long known for their culture aesthetics and elegance. Inspired from their rich heritage, we bring you Nawab-e-Khas, a signature treatment as luxurious as the lives of the Nawabs.

You are welcomed with a soothing foot massage followed by a body scrub made of ingredients like almonds, rose petals, vetiver, saffron and rich herbs. The therapist exfoliates your body with slow leisurely strokes, cleansing and relaxing you at the same time. This is also accompanied with a light facial scrub made from the choicest herbs that makes your skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated. Finally, a relaxing massage using one of a kind hand-blended oil which helps you discover an idyllic state of tranquility.

As you relish this blissful experience, sip on a refreshing sherbet, a Nawabi drink made with the distilled fragrance of flowers, fruits and herbs.