This is a signature yoga treatment that’s aimed at releasing tensions and balancing your energy, all through a personalized session with a yoga expert.


About Samattva

Discover the time honored benefits of yoga with our signature treatment which helps you release your tensions while balancing your energy.

Indulge in a one on one discussion with our yoga expert to understand your body, after which you will be guided through a sequence of ‘asanas’ (mind and body postures) as well as Prānāyāmās’ (controlled breathing techniques) to reach a heightened state of relaxation.

This is followed by a session of ‘Trataka’ which is focused gazing at a steady flame to improve your concentration levels along with gem stone visualization, a powerful colour therapy experience, to reinstate your body’s chakras (energy centers). Enjoy the serene state of wellness with guided meditation and Nidra (a state of conscious deep sleep) and emerge as a radiant and confident being.