Yoga & Meditation

An ancient practice of the Indian culture, yoga represents the universal need to evolve and transcend all limitations and is an experience that only brings us closer to ourselves. When practiced regularly, yoga enhances physical health, emotional well being, mental clarity and spiritual connection with self and the world around us. Jiva Spa offers yoga under the guidance of the Bihar School of Yoga, a holistic form of Yoga achieved through an amalgamation of physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of our lives.

Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras, Bandhas

The act of yoga encompasses 4 key aspects. Yoga asanas that align your body. Improve posture, develop strength and motivation and refresh your mind, Pranayama wherein you learn to control the intake and outflow of breath, Mudra where you exhibit gestures and attitudes and finally Bandhas which is the psychic locking action.


By aligning your body to achieve a beneficial balance Yoga asanas improve posture, build strength and refresh the mind.

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Reignite the life force - Jiva Spa at Taj
DURATION: 90mins

In the advanced sessions, classic Asanas such as prānāyāmā, mudra and bandha are practiced which help in achieving mental wellness.

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Advanced Surya Namaskar
DURATION: 120 Mins

Achieve a sense of calmness unlike other with the ancient yoga sequence of sun salutation which is a tribute to the sun, an emblem of spiritual consciousness.

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Workout at Jiva Spa by Taj

This Yoga journey helps you extract the benefits of traditional processes that can aid the wellness of your body and mind.

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The ‘Dynamic’ sessions consist largely of asanas and energetic movements of the body to increase flexibility.

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Reignite the life force - Jiva Spa at Taj - 2

This session includes asanas of intermediate level which help in loosening and rotating the chief joints of the body.

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DURATION: 60mins

A Yoga technique to control our breathing and as a result, increase the flow of energy within ourselves.

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Mudras and Bandhas
DURATION: 60 Minutes

While Mudras are best described as devotional and aesthetic gestures lined with emotions, Bandhas refer to a psychic action of locking prana or the life force in certain areas.

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This program specializes in making you aware of your body and breathing process to help you relax and unwind. It also includes simple asanas along with pranayama.

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Meditation is the process of consciously soothing and relaxing the body while guiding the mind to be calm and composed. Through centuries, it has been believed that meditation improves one’s wellness and releases the body and mind of stress and weariness.

Ajapa Japa
DURATION: 50 Minutes

You’re made aware of your passage of breath and required to spontaneously repeat a mantra. The process is known to be supremely calming and therapeutic for many.

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Antar Mouna
DURATION: 40 Minutes

Here, you’re a silent witness of the things that traverse your mind from thoughts to images to reactions. An amazing way to focus and find calmness in silence.

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Hirdayakasha Dharana
DURATION: 50 Minutes

This practice makes you more aware of emotions and helps you express and communicate them. Combined with Trataka (candle flame gazing), this technique is known to relieve mental tension, anxiety and in some cases even depression.

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Yoga Nidra
DURATION: 25 Minutes

A form of Yogic, relaxation, Yoga Nidra entails a state of consciousness where one oscillates between sleep and being awake.

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Yoga Nidra Advanced
DURATION: 50 Minutes

Designed to emanate positivity, this Vedic retreat of advanced Yoga Nidra offers complete relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul.

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Shatkarmas are cleansing practices that include Jala Neti (nasal cleansing), Kunjal (cleansing the throat and stomach), Laghoo Shankha Prakshalan (cleansing of the alimentary canal). This cleansing aligns are creates harmony amongst the 3 Doshas - Kapha (mucus), Pitta (bile) and Vata (wind) which are believed to be the three forces of nature and influence various psychological traits of an individual.

Indian Therapies - Jiva Spa - 1
Jala Neti
DURATION: 45 Minutes

This is a traditional Yoga technique that uses saline water to cleanse and purify the nasal passages.

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Indian Therapies - Jiva Spa - 2
Kunjal Kriya
DURATION: 55 Minutes

The act of cleansing the chest, stomach and digestive system with the help of saline water to cure problems like acidity and asthma.

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Reignite the life force - Jiva Spa - 1
Laghoo Shankhaprakshalana
DURATION: 90 Minutes

Conducted early morning, this treatment helps in cleansing the intestines through intake of saline water and a sequence of asanas alternatively.

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Experience mental cleansing and relaxation by simply gazing at a candle flame.

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